A Bit About Me.

Hello! My name is Maelyn.

This is my story:

  • Adopted from China as a wee babe, grew up in a Dallas suburb.
  • Attended and graduated from Baylor University in Dec. 2015 with a Journalism, PR and New Media degree.
  • Currently work as an Intake Specialist at Morgan & Weisbrod, a social security disability law firm.
  • Hobbies include: swinging, storytelling, adventuring, playing music.
  • Major life events: accepting Christ, attending Baylor, studying in Italy, interning for Show Hope in Nashville, diagnosed with bipolar disorder in March 2016.

Why I write:

I write because I’m learning and growing and finding out more about what it looks like to be a better person and Christ follower, and I just can’t keep it all to myself.

I write because you read, and I thank you for your eyes, time, and attention.

If you’d like to contact me, reach out on LL&G’s official Facebook page,  or shoot an email to maelynschramm@gmail.com.

Thank you again. Have a wonderful day!

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