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Worth the Wait: On Hurrying & The Resurrection.

This post is a bit late. Which is ironic and entirely unintentional, because I’m actually talking about how good things take time and how God loves to make His people wait.

good things take time.

I’m a planner and a hurrier.

A planner is a person that plans. And a hurrier (which is a word I just made up) is one who hurries. Makes sense, huh? I like to know how to get from Point A to Point B, and I like to do it in the most efficient way possible.

But the thing about God is, He takes his time.

In the beginning, God doesn’t make the world in one day (Gen. 1:1). He takes seven. And He rests on the last one. When He promises Abraham a nation, He doesn’t let Sarah conceive that night. The two wait 25ish years for Isaac to be born.

So here I am, running around with my arms flailing and my mouth incessantly blurting out who knows what, and God is just the King of Chill. He walks around, gestures here and there every now and then, paces Himself in accordance to His time. Slowly, methodically, deliberately moving.

Because God 1) knows His plan prevails and 2) knows good things take time. So why rush, little Mae?

god loves to make his people wait.

Abraham waited 25 years for a son. Joseph waited at least 13 years (from 17 when he was sold into slavery, to 30 when he became prime minister) to see his family. The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years.

I’m a waiter — one who waits — not by choice, but by the ironic convenience of God’s plans. He made me wait to graduate high school and then college. He’s making me wait to return to Nashville (or to move out of Dallas). He’s making me wait to pursue further education.

I can’t speak for Abraham, Joseph or the Israelites, but I needed to put in my time. I needed to wait before God’s plans unfolded, because I learned so much more in the waiting than I would ever have had I experienced instant gratification.

god made his people wait three days.

On Good Friday, Christ was crucified. And seemingly all hope was lost. Our Savior did not win His battle. Satan won.

But wait for it.

Not one, or two, but three whole days later, Christ bursts forth from the grave. He reunites with His faithful followers, who are overjoyed to see their Risen King. He proves that God is King, He is Son of Man, and that Love Wins.

So friends, when you are discouraged because you’re single, you’re looking for a job, you’re heartbroken, or whatever it may be–remember: good things take time. And God loves to make His people wait.

The eternal treasures we will find in Heaven and the sanctification we experience here on earth with our Creator are well worth the wait.

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