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How to Be a Strong Woman {Of God}.

i’m learning how to be a strong woman {of god}.

In honor of International Women’s Day –a couple days late, I know– I’d like to tell you about how I’m learning to be a strong woman. No, this post does not include many any political views. If you want to discuss abortion, equal pay or maternity leave, shoot me an email.

I’m only 22, so I’m still young and stupid. But God’s blessed me with amazing older and wiser women to look up to.

My ongoing list of traits of a strong woman include:

  1. Focused. A woman cannot be strong if she does not have a goal, a model, a guide. She cannot know which way to go, how to function, how to live, if she does not know which path to take. {So I believe a woman of God focuses on God with her whole mind, body and spirit}.
  2. Determined. A woman cannot achieve success without having drive. She has to chase a goal with ferocity and devotion. {So a woman of God should recognize that God equips us with skills and interests and ability, and desires us to dive headfirst into chasing His desires}.
  3. Kind. A woman cannot be strong if her heart is cold and bitter. She cannot love if she lives in hatred. She must be compassionate to care for others, comfort loved ones, feed the needy and clothe the weak. {So I think a woman of God should pass the love He pours down to her around to those around her, pay it forward}.
  4. Faithful. A woman cannot be strong without the help of others and without helping others. A strong woman has friends and knows how to be a friend. {So a woman of God stays faithful to Him, His word, her family, her friends, her man}.

Here’s a quick list of strong women {of god} i look up to:

  • First and foremost, Sweet Denise. It takes a very special mama to love a kid like me.
  • My Nana and Grandma. Our matriarchs. Their faith is unswerving.
  • Each of my aunts & gal cousins. Here’s a special shoutout to Kendall Van because homegirl is about to get a theology degree at DUKE and she bakes bread and loves Jesus at the same time!!! Check out her blog.
  • Women who’ve loved, prayed & cared for me from near and far (especially while I was at Baylor and post-grad): Julie C., Jennifer F., Carla H., Ashlee C., Brittney T., Carolyn A., Sandra E., Lauren F., Annette A.
  • Also, I can’t forget my hometown heroes (new and old): Eryn M., Lauren H., Rosie D., Katie B., Madison M., Sarah J., Emily H.. These soul sisters have my back.

To my tribe of strong women:

If you thought I forgot you, I did not (yes, you: Hunter G., Sarah T., Sarah C., Madyson R.).

Also, if I haven’t told you I love you, or I’m honored to know you lately, please know both of these are true. I would not be the woman I am today without you. You love God and you love others and you love me so deeply, you radically change lives and you don’t even know it.

Keep chasing God. Stay strong.



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