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Giving God Glory: On Career & Calling.



It’s a term we Christians like to use to describe how God compels us in one way or another. “I was called to go to Africa.” “I was called to join a sorority.” “I was called to tithe this month’s paycheck.”

It’s used so often and so universally, I can’t help but think the word loses its meaning in many cases. After all, I’m not sure that God can call us to that many things throughout our lifetime.

Or can He?

I can’t really pinpoint many instances in my life where I truly felt called by God. I’ve never audibly heard His voice. But of course I’ve been inclined to do one thing over the other for the sake of God’s glory: I chose Baylor over OU, I chose Tri Delta over not joining a sorority, I chose public relations instead of news.

But have I been called to these things? Or have I simply chosen these things for myself, by myself?

Lately I’ve wrestled with my career path and calling.

God’s blessed me with so many skills and so many passions, and I’m supposed to harness these skills and passions and turn them into this one career at such a young age. How do I decide? Where do I begin? How do I pray for this?

What if I choose the wrong one? What if I spend my whole life doing something I wasn’t called to? Or what if I choose the right one? What if God really does have big plans for me, and I succeed?

So I’ve been praying a lot about this. And I’ve decided to stop thinking my career. And to only look at calling.

God calls me to love Him.

God calls me to love His people. He calls me to especially care for the poor, orphans and widows. He calls me to be kind, to put others first, to bear my cross every single day of my life.

I know these are true.

So what if I just lay aside choosing a career? What if, instead, I focus on the few things God explicitly calls me to in His Word?

Maybe then, I’ll get one step closer to choosing a career. And I’ll be that much closer to giving God all the glory.

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