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Just Around the Big Bend: On Hope & Expectation

946796_10208895827141727_1832745874572742066_nI’m camping at Big Bend this weekend.

My friends Brian, Sarah, and I dreamed up this trip months ago. As adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors, and strangers to Big Bend, we decided it would be the perfect Labor Day weekend getaway.

A lot of planning has gone into our trip: what to pack, meal planning, buying last-minute gear. There are far few things I love more than packing for a trip, especially a campout. This week I’ve been giddy as I run around the house to find miscellaneous items like wipes and bug repellant.

There is much around the bend {of life}.

Year 22 beholds a mixture of the new and old. A new church, an old hometown. A new job (hopefully), an old resume. A new friend group, while keeping the old.

Excitement and adventure come with all of this newness, but so do anxiety and nerves.

What if I don’t fit into my new church? What if I can’t find community?

What if I can’t get a new job? How will I sustain my weekly coffee and pie expenditures?

What if I can’t make new friends? What if the old ones leave me?

But God works for our good: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. This means Christ will always be our Savior, always be Protector, always be Deliverer, always be King.

This means that while I spend my days in today’s, God is far ahead, making room for good things to come.

What if I prepared for God’s goodness the same way I packed for Big Bend? What if I planned for great things to happen in and through me, long before they do?

Let’s wait on God in hopeful expectation.

Because the ultimate greatness that will happen is Christ’s return.

What if I loved so much today, that it poured into my tomorrow’s? What if I feared less today, so I can enjoy my tomorrow’s?

What if instead of doubting and worrying and over-planning, I sat in the still and quiet, and waited for Christ to come back?

Hebrews 6:19 says, “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.”

God’s hope keeps us planted, it won’t let the waves and storms of life sweep us away. God’s hope keeps us steady, it holds onto us just as much as we cling to it.

Friends, do not doubt yourself today, and don’t live in fear of tomorrow.

Look ahead to the horizon, switch to a bird’s eye view, and be prepared for blessing and abundance. Fight the storms, anchor your soul, and be ready!

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