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I’m on a Bike {On Journeying with God}.


Lately, Pops and I took up biking.

Our family’s been in a bit of a health kick. With my diagnosis and our recent membership at Gold’s Gym, we’ve been focusing on eating well and exercising often.

Our family friend owns Plano Cycling & Fitness, a great bike shop nearby. So Pops and I found two starter road bikes to whoop our booties into shape.

Biking is fun!

I forgot how much I love to bike. Biking brings back every childhood memory of summers and freedom and feeling like I can fly.

Biking isn’t like running. It doesn’t hurt my knees as much, and I can go way farther in much less time.

To me, to run is about the escape.

To bike is about the journey.

When I ride with Pops, sometimes he leads and sometimes he follows. Most times, he lets me set the pace, and I happily trailblaze.

But sometimes he gets out of view, I lose him. I’m not afraid, but I’m lonely, and I pedal pedal pedal to catch up.

Pops reminds me of God on these rides.

Many times, God lets me lead the way. He’s blessed me with free will to do as I please, and choose where I go.

But other times, I’m too weak and exhausted to blaze my own trail. I need His guidance to lead the way.

And yet even other times, I am far behind, and I can’t see what He’s doing. I need to trust that He’s there, He’s there. He is good and He is way far ahead, and He’s making a way for me.

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