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If it ain’t Jesus, it ain’t worth it.


As a Believer, I’m completely biased when making this statement.

But as a Believer, I know it’s true.

I was born in China, which is 7,724 miles from Dallas, where I grew up.

From there, I attend school in Waco 95.07 miles away, and ventured up to 5,473 miles away for a summer in Italy, not including a weekend trip to Switzerland.

After graduation, I moved to Nashville, 665 miles from home, and 7,808 miles from my birthplace.

No place, no person will fill you on this earth.

It took two decades for me to fully grasp this Truth, but after bouncing from place-to-place and friend-to-friend, The Joy of the Lord smacked me in my face and put me in my physical place: Dallas, Texas.

I’m back in my hometown, but it’s not home to me yet.

I still call Waco home, and my heart is pulled in every geographical direction: from Nashville to Florence, I can’t help but long for a past that’s freely roamed and deeply loved.

It’s a past that’s wandered this earth as a nomad, because I thrive most when picking up stories and traits of different cultures. I store such treasures in my heart.

But here I am, home.

I’m not sure how long I will be here this time, but The Lord’s already blessed my faithfulness to Him. His goodness and mercy will follow me all of the days of my life, no matter where I am geographically, mentally, spiritually.

One day, I’ll burst through my front door and say, “Honey, I’m home,” and mean it.

Until then, I will continue to bask in God’s presence that can be found on every corner of this universe.

And until then, I will keep shouting that God is good!

Because if it ain’t Jesus…

If it’s a relationship, a career, a GPA, a friend, an affirmation, a raise, a house, a kiss, a car, a goal, a trip…

It ain’t worth it.

Don’t seek those things. Seek The Kingdom of the Lord. Seek the presence of His Glory.

Seek the Adventure of Knowing The Lord on this earth, but not yet seeing Him fully until you reach Heaven. Seek these things instead, and you will find utter blessings among worldly battles, complete treasures among financial poverty.

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