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Jesus Christ: a Super Human, Superhuman

Unfortunately, I am human. Fortunately, I don’t have to be Super.

Because I’m utterly limited by 24 hours in a day, needing 7 hours of sleep, craving meals, seeking friendships, battling my moody emotions, sometimes structured and other times carefree ways.

I’m not Superwoman. But Christ is SuperHuman, and he’s all I need.

Easter is the best. It’s about a human dying and returning to life.

My head gets stuck on Christ’s Trinity membership. It’s easy for me to forget his humanity. I discredit his human needs, desires, temptations.

Christ was real. Christ was man. Christ walked this earth, just like me.

The Lord gave him food cravings and allowed him to weep. The Lord gave him a sinful nature that desired to steal, lie, and cheat. The Lord gave him a head for thinking, body for living, feet for moving.

Christ was real. Christ was and is part-God. Christ was supernatural.

The Lord gave him power to reject Satan and pursue people. The Lord blessed him with an ability to never steal, lie, or cheat. The Lord gave him a spirit for praying fervently, loving endleslly, breathing forever.

Well bless the Lord for Jesus Christ.

There is truly no other man or God that could walk this earth like he did: in love, with care, showing compassion and kindness to every soul, especially the lost, broken, weak, and little.

There is truly no other human who could suffer a death like his: in shame, but with willingness, selflessness and an intent to serve all of humanity.

There is truly no other God who could bring him back to life like Him: three days dead, then awake one morning.

To breathe and walk and talk and sit and stand before other men, to show and touch physical scars of the world’s most terrible death, to say,

“It’s me. I’m alive.”

Praise the Lord for Jesus’ walk and resurrection.

If Christ never came, Christianity would have no substance.

If Christ stayed dead,  if his body still laid in the earth, Christianity would have no meaning.

It’s an utter blessing to know and rest in these Truths:

  1. Jesus was God’s Son.
  2. Jesus was fully man and fully divine.
  3. Jesus walked, talked, wept, laughed like me.
  4. But he beat Satan, sin and sorrow, unlike me.
  5. He died once, but he lives forever.


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