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I Hope to be The Moon: On Light Among Darkness


Tonight, I pulled into my driveway.

It was like every night of this week, of my life. The sun went to bed, and darkness covered. It sheepishly crept into the sky, and then stealthily ambushed all at once.

When I drove uphill in our alley, a full moon greeted me, suspended and strong, floating front and center of my path.

In that moment, a little voice within me said,

“See? There’s a light among the darkness. Even when the sun sleeps, the moon comes to outshine the harsh black and blue.”

This world is dark.

Terrorism, war. Cancer, disease. Kidnapping, theft. Adultery, lies.

It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see the hurt and chaos and sorrow and desperation aimlessly, recklessly, constantly swirling and twirling and spinning and gnawing away at mankind.

We are destructive, hopeless humans. An unfaithfulness that derives from selfish greed is rooted deeply within our feeble bodies.

My eyesight is poor, but my heart is passionate.

When I notice hurt, I search for healing. When I see pain, I seek a remedy.

Because despite the anger and bitterness within, there is room for so much good, so much life.

When we rid ourselves of the bad, of the imbalanced mind, body and spirit, a vacancy prepares the way for good, wholeness and fulfillment.

In the end, we’re all flames.

We are complex beings.

We have the nature of a singular, candle-like flame. I shine the best I can, I flit and flop and dilly dally.

We have the ability to burst into more. I explode into a wildfire, I barrel and break through and charge in every direction.

Sometimes we’re called to be a calm candle. We must be short, simple, and sweet. We must be gentle, we must be kind.

But other times, we’re called to be a raging wildfire. We must be abrasive, aggressive, and attacking. We must be strong, we must be serious.

Many times, the sweet spot is somewhere in between. We can be kind in our strength, or aggressive in how we care.

Most days, I start a candle. Some days, I become more.

Every day, I hope and pray that whichever flame I choose to be, or whatever impacts the flame I am, that I can be like the moon.

A greeting to the lonely, lost and broken.

A light among the darkness.

A beacon of hope.

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