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Go. And Be {You}.


I choose wise, compassionate, hardworking friends.

My study abroad pal Jonathon Platt is all of these things. And more.

Today, good ole JP texted me:

“Just be you until you need to be somewhere else. Then go be you there.”

Wow. I needed to hear that.

Little did Jon know, I recently moved back home to Dallas.

To a bedroom that was once trademarked by a creepy pillow with Joe Jonas, and is today splashed with shades of whites, blues, and greens.

To a neighborhood that I never thought I’d return to, long-term. “Once I’m out, I’ll stay out,” I said.

To people groups who I mis-believed were far too beautiful, or far too broken for me.

I once doubted my ability to love and be loved by them well, softly, irrevocably.

But I am done long-term wandering.

When I’m ready, I’ll move out of my parent’s house, because it’s only a home for an extended staycation.

Free food, room and board.

A gift to dream big, with Dallas doors to open up small, endless opportunities.

Home is a state of mind, body and spirit.

I scoured the earth to find home in a place: from Texas to Washington, Tennessee, New York, and from Switzerland, to Italy, China, and England. I left empty-handed.

But with fullness within my heart, soul, and by my own strength.

When I travel, especially alone, I grant myself an utter freedom to explore, adventure and dare to fully dream, laugh and live.

Then I stay in a place. And become restless.

But we are humans, we are fickle and we will always become restless.

My restlessness bleeds into personal and professional decisions. And decreases my ease at committing to people, places or jobs for longer than two years.

Yet, I’m home.

“Home sweet home,” they say.

And this round, I’m glad to stay.

Delighted to deeply root in all things Dallas. Family, friends, faith included.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here. But I’ll be me here.

Then I’ll pick up and hit the books at a law school likely somewhere that’s not Texas. And I’ll be me there.

Here I stay. Here I am.

Later I’ll leave. There I’ll go.

Free to feel, love and embrace all things me, all things Mae.

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