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Why Baylor Is{n’t} The Best

1914841_10153802789098245_7288070817191464997_n (2)Baylor University isn’t the best college…for everyone.

But man, it was the best for me, because I received an education and utilized opportunities that were worth the tuition, room and board.

If I had to choose again, I wouldn’t dare to go anywhere else, because that would alter everything.

It would alter the friends who became family. I had zero desire to join Greek life, yet Tri Delta gave me “sisters” and avenues to grow as a leader. I also refused to join the PR club for two years, but I loved the connections I made once I did.

It would alter the jobs that became hobbies. I had little immediate interest in interning with the library’s marketing team, but I called those bosses my best friends, and gained professional skills and personal respect for formal education.

It would alter the old me who became the new me. At Plano Senior High School, I was meek and uncomfortably shy. I felt like the tiniest, least significant fish in a vast, impressive lake.

At Baylor, an ocean of greater size, I obnoxiously yelled “Happy Birthday” to a friend across the quad. People gawked. It was uncomfortable, but I was unashamed.

We’re not all rich, white kids.

I don’t identify as rich, but my middle class, Dallas suburb family is financially wealthy compared to an impoverished family in the 254.

I don’t identify as white, but I’m more likely to call myself white over Asian. I was raised by a Caucasian family and many friends don’t share my ethnicity. I’m not a racist, it just happened.

I used to romanticize my affection for Baylor.

But now that I’m a wise and mature adult (aka survived two months of post-grad life), I realize Baylor is simply Baylor.

To some, Baylor may be a wonderful Christian private school with a current winning streak and a beautiful campus.

To others, Baylor may be another pricey university under scrutiny for how it approaches sexual assault on campus and its athletic program.

To me, Baylor is home away from home. Baylor is the perfect mixture of people, places and opportunities that molded me for 3.5 semesters and left a lifelong impact.

I’m not Baylor. But a big part of me looks like Baylor: Christian, outwardly appealing, inwardly dysfunctional. Baylor can successfully deliver when things rightly blend, but given errors highlight an undeniable brokenness.

Baylor is not me. But Baylor played a big part of me, because it was the catalyst that created who I am today. And I’m abundantly grateful to be confident in the woman I became at college, and hopeful for refinement post-grad.

Sic’em forever.

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