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Heart Over Head: On Reckless Love

I tend to fall in love with places.

A bustling town square won’t say one thing and do another.

A cozy coffeeshop will never spew words to break me.

A dreamy beach house can’t uproot and leave.

Though places can renovate or go out of business, they are usually stationary and consistent.

When I travel and explore, I find out more about who I am and who I want to be.

In my love relationship with places, I’m the one in control.

I’m the one who comes and goes. I’m the one who changes. I’m the one who moves on.

My head says it would be reckless to give away my heart.

Lots of people fall in love.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s beautiful.

I adore the nature of love: seeking the best for someone over your own needs and desires, cherishing another imperfect human, experiencing the joys and sorrows of life with your closest companion.

I promise I do love people.

I make friends easily. I’m guarded, yet I gladly accept all who do the same for me.

But I’m also a healthy skeptic and this world is full of dark, mean people. It’s also full of light, pure people.

Neverthelesswe are all still people. None of us know how to love in a Goldilocks way, where it’s justtt right.

God loves in a way that’s just right.

His love is reckless.

God says, “You have an unfaithful human heart. I hope you love me in return, but if you don’t, I’ll chase you anyway. I love you.”

His love is irrevocable.

God says, “You messed up, but you’re broken. Don’t you worry. I’ve already forgotten. I’m still here. I love you.”

His love is consistent.

God says, “My love for you yesterday was equal to my love today, and my love will be the same tomorrow. I love you.”

My love should match His.

I can still guard my heart from dumb guys who won’t. I won’t hand out my number to creepy men who ask, that’s unsafe and unwise.

But when it comes to all of God’s children, I need to love deep and wide.

As a Christ follower, I’m called to love in a reckless, irrevocable and consistent way.

The Holy Spirit says, “You may get taken advantage of. You may be hurt. It’s happened before.

But I am The One who loves you far better and far more than anyone else.

My love is enough to fill your cup, to overflow from your heart and to heal you, should you ever be hurt in the process of caring for others.

Trust me. Lean on me. Love me and love my people, and love them well.

I love you.”

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