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From Broken to Beautiful: On Faith and “Fixer Upper”


People love “Fixer Upper.”

As a former Waco resident, people automatically associate me with Chip and Joanna Gaines, possibly the cutest couple ever who host the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.”

Chip and Jo live in the 254 and find old, run-down houses they dub “fixer uppers” and transform them into impressive, stunning homes.

The Gaines are in the business of taking the unloved, overlooked and broken and making them adored, valued and beautiful.

Jesus is in the same business.

As I grow older and at times wiser, my awe of God dramatically increases.

Because boy, am I broken.

And boy, am I glad He takes broken people and makes them beautiful.

I’m an old, nasty, unwanted house.

My heart is full of deception and darkness.

My mind wanders to places you can’t imagine.

I struggle and wander and and covet fear and fight and lie and cheat and steal and doubt and hide and run.

But The Lord restores me.

He finds me when I flee.

He mends the seams of a shattered heart.

He cradles me when I’m too weak to stand.

My Heavenly Father says, “I know where you’ve been. I know what you’ve done. And I don’t care. Because you, beloved daughter, are mine.

Let my mercy wipe you clean.

Let my grace free the mistakes that keep you chained.

Let my love fill your cup and overflow your heart.

Know me and be known by me. I’m not going anywhere.”

At times, I forget how deeply and desperately I need Him.

I lean on my own strength and energy to achieve the simplest of everyday tasks.

But the thing is, I need that Guy so stinking bad.

I’m worthless, hopeless and lack all goodness without Him.

But here’s the good news:

With Christ, I’m made new.

With Christ, I’m invincible.

With Christ, I can do all things.

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