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A Letter to the Texas, the State I’m Leaving

Texas forever.
Texas forever.

I flee the great state of Texas on Saturday.

In the 20.5 years I’ve lived here (since my adoption), I’ve called three great Texas cities home.

I love almost everything about Texas: cowboy boots, twangy accents and chicken friend steak, an undeniable pride heard when citizens threat to “secede!” and an overwhelming warmth brought by Southern hospitality.

But what I love most about Texas is the way the culture, people and lifestyle have shaped me.

Here’s a sappy, sweet letter to my beloved home state:

Dear Texas,

It has been a wild ride, old friend. Who knew a tiny baby abandoned in China would end up in your welcoming arms at 14 months old?

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for your people who have come at just the right time, to treasure me, spur abundant growth and encourage my weirdness.

Thank you for your places, which are usually scary and unfamiliar at first, but then earn trust and promise life & adventure.

Dallas, thank you for raising me. More specifically, thanks to Richardson and Plano for an awesome education system, safe neighborhoods and sweet, dear companions to run and play with.

Waco, thank you for adopting me. You brought in a naive, wide-eyed girl and showed her how to truly love and be loved by others. I entered unamused by lack of what you had to offer, and left longing to return to your quirky, amazing community.

Houston, thank you for challenging me. I didn’t know a single soul or how to lead youth to Christ, but you provided steadfast friends and brought to light wisdom I didn’t know I had. Also, it’s nothing personal, but you’re just not my place.

Back to you, Texas.

You and your people will be missed. I am proud to call you home and already eager to return.

I’m not sure how long I will be gone. Maybe a few months, years, or even forever.

You may change and grow in the span I’m absent, but you’ll always be a familiar, beloved, lifelong pal to me.

With complete love & fondness,


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