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A God thing happened in the NY subway.



I was supposed to go to church with my friend Mandy (pictured above). I woke early and planned to stop by a coffeeshop, then head to her way. I accidentally went the opposite direction, turning a walk into a trek. So I decided to take the subway instead.

In the station, I ran into a couple with two, young adopted Chinese girls. I politely asked if they were adopted and struck a conversation with the parents, Carrie and Seth.

They were overwhelmingly kind and incredibly excited to meet, asked the do’s and don’t’s of raising their daughters and told me they were Christians on their way to church. I told them about Red Bus Project andShow Hope, my blog and a bit of my story in the 10 min. we were together.

It was an incredibly crazy God moment. It pumped me up even more for the next few months when I can dedicate nearly all of my time, focus and effort into sharing about how God faithfully, continually loves me through adoption.

Praise the God who does CRAZY, BIG things even in the simplest of days!

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