I’m all smiles because…

God takes care of His treasured children.

1920584_10203967500942816_8533689107573697762_nHe provided two generous couples to host me while I intern with Red Bus Project in Nashville.

At almost one week away from the big move, I was at peace with potential homelessness/couch surfing, though it wasn’t ideal.

Lesson: If God calls you to it, He will make a way. Even if it does not make logical sense, even if you have to sacrifice comfort or friendships or lodging, He will provide a path. And He will be faithful. And He will bless you, because you will bless others by following His will.


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Maelyn Schramm

Adopted from China, I hail from Dallas and spent a few years studying in Waco at Baylor University. As a recent college graduate, I'm learning how to be an adult by taking risks, living boldly and faithfully following The Lord. I love coffee, puppies and adventures.

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