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I believe in laughter, love & God.

Let me tell you the story of this site’s name.

Way back in high school, I listened to Johnny Stimson, an artist who often collaborated with Jillian Edwards Chapman, a wonderfully talented friend.

Johnny’s music rocks. He marries meaningful, heartfelt words to smooth, tasteful tunes.

My favorite song of his, Someone I Used to Know, has a verse that I deeply identified with:

I was thinking of these things I do believe in: laughter, love and God, they came to mind.

I do believe in those things.

Laughter is real. I can’t remember the last day I went without laughing. Laughter derives from joy, which comes from inner peace and is expressed by outer exuberance.

Love is real. I’ve never been in love, but I have loved and been loved back by family, friends and even strangers. Love is a source of joy and makes the lonely hope.

God is real. He is the Creator of the world and Maker of my being. He knows me better than myself and daily chooses to pursue my unfaithful nature and fickle heart.

Sometimes I forget why I believe in what I do.

It’s nice to stop and gain perspective, to remind myself where my faith, hope and joy come from.

What do you believe in and why?

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