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#Truthsday is here.


Due to restless nights and loopy thoughts, a GRAND idea was born.

Each Tuesday, on Laughter, Love & God’s Facebook fan page–not here–I will share short and sweet truths to invite inspiration and create thought–good, bad, convicting, you name it.

Most truths will be biblically based. Some life inspired. Others downright silly. I have lots of free time now, but be patient if future Tuesdays are truth-less. Thanks for your grace in advance.

Remember: Keep up with Truthsday on by following the Facebook page{they will NOT be here, the WP site}.

As always, feel free to like, comment and share anything #LLGblog. I don’t write to keep these things to myself, that would be a waste. Immensely thankful for you. Happy Truthsday.


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