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An Open Letter to my College Friends

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To my closest college friends,

Thank you. My gratitude for you is two-fold: I am thankful for you putting up with me. And I am thankful for you and your character.

Thanks for putting up with me.

I’ve been told I’m delightfully awkward, but if we are being honest, I’m more awkward than delightful.

Thank you for continuing to love me when I whine and wander, dish out sass by the mouthful and speak before I think. Thank you for still inviting me to public outings despite my loud and obnoxious laugh.

Thank you for not only eye-rolling at my weirdness, but joining in. Thanks for letting me show you the 4th Street swings, for mattress surfing and scooting (scootering?) on campus.

Thanks for being you.

Thank you for your kindness, encouragement, selflessness, compassion and patience. Thanks for pursuing and valuing our friendship, and for teaching me how to pursue and value others along the way.

Thank you for your faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for spurring me on to seek His Kingdom first. Thank you for holding me accountable, sharing your testimony and walking in the Truth alongside me.

The Lord has been so good to me, so good to us for this friendship. I can taste His faithfulness every time I am with you, He knew exactly what role you would play in my life long before we met. I am so humbled by having you as a friend.

I am praying for you.

As you graduate in May, I pray for your last semester at Baylor and your transition into the real world. I pray you will make the most of your time left in Waco by continuing to invest in old and new friendships. pray you will still learn and grow and thrive here.

The Lord goes before you right now. He prepares a post-grad life for you that will blow your mind. It will be greater than you ever could have imagined.

I pray you will be filled with complete peace this semester, a peace that only derives from an expectant hope in The Lord’s perpetual goodness.

I pray you will thrive in your new home and new environment. I pray if the transition is rough, you will lean on God and remember to call me. I pray He will provide faithful friendships and wonderful opportunities for His glory to shine.

You will do wonderful things, you already do. I am proud of you, I am thankful for you and I will love you for always.

With joy,


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