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College Tips & Truths from a Graduating Senior


I graduate from college on Saturday.

It’s amazing how quickly 3.5 years can slip by.

It feels like yesterday I was a wide-eyed freshman moving into Collins Residence Hall, a fear of self-sufficiency conflicting with a desire for independence.

Today I’m still wide-eyed, but in different ways. As I drown in nostalgia, I reflect on the most memorable truths I’ve learned during my college years:

Truth: You will never be too old for Mom and Dad. 

Only Dad will coach you through an essay as you blubber over the phone. Only Mom will send you back to school with quality food to stock your fridge every time you visit.

Truth: You will survive.

Bad grades, broken hearts and overbooked schedules will not be the end of you. Remember perspective and remind yourself of the last time you thought you’d drop dead–and how you didn’t. This too shall pass.

Truth: Savor every moment, even the bad ones.

It is easy to cherish the fond memories–late night food runs, football wins and spontaneous day trips. But even the worst of times, like crying on your best friend’s shoulder over a boy, are moments to remember.

Truth: Act your age.

As an avid swinger and new mattress surfing enthusiast, my maturity level has come into question a time or two. But I’m 21. And I won’t be young and stupid and silly forever, so just let me do these things now. Don’t take yourself too seriously, you don’t have to be a professional yet.

Truth: Say “I love you” and be heard.

Even if you’re not mushy gushy, say these three words to your friends if you mean them. If they make you laugh, cry with you, encourage/calm/excite/understand/help you, then say it. Your friends should know. And they’ll probably say it back.

Truth: If it’s not Jesus, it’s not worth it.

Good grades, a relationship and job security post-grad, aren’t worth it. These are all good things, but they are not Jesus. Nothing satisfies like personally knowing and pursuing the love of Jesus Christ. When your activities, plans and life are rooted in him, then you are living life to its fullest.

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