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Wise Words from Superwoman

Susan is a super woman. Susan is Superwoman.

Super Susan co-founded a nonprofit in Waco called Talitha Koum Institute. The organization is a therapeutic nursery for impoverished children in the area.

Through the connecting powers of LinkedIn and only little pestering on my behalf, Super Susan agreed to meet up with me last week.

In summary, Super Susan was a driven, successful working woman who ran a marketing firm for 35 years. Then she dropped everything to obey God’s call and pursue heading Talitha Koum.

Super Susan spilled forth Truths in a natural, wise way.

The thriving bosslady, caring nonprofit guru and wise Christ follower shared Biblically-based advice.

Let me share just a handful with you:

“Work as if it’s all up to you, pray as if it’s all up to God. Work. Pray. Work. Pray.”

If God calls you to something, do it well for Him. Balance out work and prayer. Be dedicated and live faithfully {Colossians 3:23}.

“I have an hour of silence a day in the morning.”

Be still before the Lord. Let Him remind you of His love. Let His peace wash over your thought-filled mind {Ps. 46:10}.

“Let God love you.”

We tend to accidentally resist God’s love. We think our past is too dark, our present is too twisted. He loves us in our past, present and future, and we need to accept that {John 3:16}.

“Don’t give up even when you are full of sorrow. You can break your heart, but don’t break your spirit.”

Our heart is bound to heart. We are human, we are free to feel. But God is the maker of our being, and God will strengthen our spirits and gives us the willpower to keep moving forward {Ps. 73:26}.

“When God calls you to something, you’re called away from a lot of things.”

Part of trusting in God is letting go. Even when God promises a bright future, He may ask us to let go of a comfortable present {Matt 16:24}.

“Trust yourself. God is at work in you.”

The Holy Spirit lives inside of us. We can utilize the Spirit’s instinct and follow The Lord from loving Him and knowing ourselves {1 Corinth. 3:16}.

Super Susan is super, but she’s not Jesus.

Though I am abundantly grateful for our inspiring conversation, it’s important to remember that Super Susan is not the Creator of the World or One True Love of my life.

We must take her advice for what it is, and cling to the scripture that backs up her wise words.

It is so wonderful to know Jesus-loving people, but to ultimately lean on and live by the red words Jesus said himself.

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