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I said "yes" to driving an hour away late at night to reunite with Bluebell.
I said “yes” to driving an hour away late at night to reunite with Bluebell.

This is my last semester at Baylor.

Many of my friends will graduate in May and we are trying to make the most of what little time we have left together.

Some of us established a funny yet very real theme for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Senior year. Year of yes.

I say “no” a lot.

I say “no” to eating fruit, spending time with friends when I’m overwhelmed, working on homework when I’m procrastinating, falling in like and running for exercise.

But saying “no” to activities, people and tasks can easily lead to a life full of rejecting a world of opportunities.

Saying “no” shuts us out to promising occasions, wonderful memories and indescribeable adventures.

I vow to say “yes” more than I say “no” this year.

I vow to say “yes” to friends. I will soak up the laughs, life talks and embarrassing moments with them. I will put aside the to-do list and jump in the car that spontaneously rolls up at my apartment.

I vow to say “yes” to school. I will remember that I am at Baylor to learn even when I am run down from years of schooling. I will work diligently because The Lord wants me to see things to the end, just like He does.

I vow to say “yes” to adventures. I will explore unexpected opportunities in Waco, Dallas and beyond. I will interview at places, businesses, nonprofits and organizations I never imagined.

I vow to say “yes” to myself. I will rest when my body is aching, and I will run when my legs are restless. I will continue to drink copious amounts of caffeine, and embrace my perpetual eye twitch.

I vow to say “yes” to The Lord. I will set aside my doubts, comforts and insecurities. I will hop on His red wagon to meet new faces, hear new stories and experience new memories.

I will remember His promises to be good to me, and say “no” to the lies Satan tries to whisper. The lies that say, “You can’t grow up,” or “You are a failure.”

I will soften my heart, open my eyes, empty my hands and set wide my arms. I will expect only wonderful, perfect and glorifying gifts from my Father.

I will say, “Yes, Father. I trust in You. Yes, Jesus. I will follow you. Yes, Spirit. I will live in you.”

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