7 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

#3. Laugh often. Laugh with the people you love.
#3. Laugh often. Laugh with the people you love.

I am officially 21 years old today.

It has been a wild ride. I’ve been scarred down in the valley, but I’ve also joyously laughed on the mountaintop.

In my two-ish decades on this earth, I’ve learned many ways to live life to the fullest. Listed below are a handful I’d like to share with you:

  1. Sleep well. Give your body the deep, physical rest it needs. Recharge your battery so you can have energy to sustain you for another full day. {Matt. 11:28}
  2. Eat well and exercise plenty. Eat your fruits and veggies. Go on a run, play a pick-up game of basketball, get moving. Live fully by living like you are alive–because you are. {1 Corinth. 9:26-27}
  3. Laugh often. Laugh with the people you love. Laugh by yourself. Laugh at yourself. Be giddy and joyful and merry. You just can’t take life too seriously. {1 Thess. 5:16}
  4. Slow down. Among even the busiest of days, remember to take a break. Close your eyes and count to 10. Lay in bed an extra 5 minutes. Remember to be still when life is moving quickly. {Psalm 46:10}
  5. Say thank you. Live a life of gratitude. Everything is a gift, nothing is given. We are blessed people. {1 Thess. 5:18}
  6. Pray continually. Pray when you’re sad, mad, happy, hopeful, devastated, confused, empty, whole. Pray and pray often because The Lord hears our prayers, loves our prayers and loves us. And pray because we desperately need time with Him. {1 Thess. 5:17}
  7. Give selflessly. Give thanks. Give offering. Give hugs. Give mercy. Give grace. Give kindness. Give love. Give and give yourself away, because The Lord first gave to us, and because He loves a cheerful giver. {2 Corinth. 9:7}

Christ came so we can live life to the fullest.

He came so we can experience the fullness of joy in The Lord through him.

He came so we can giggle and play and frolic even when thunder erupts and storms roll in.

A full life doesn’t necessarily include a perfect family, honest relationships, immense wealth and good health. But a full life will always include a faithful follower of a generous, forgiving and loving Father.

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Maelyn Schramm

Adopted from China, I hail from Dallas and spent a few years studying in Waco at Baylor University. As a recent college graduate, I'm learning how to be an adult by taking risks, living boldly and faithfully following The Lord. I love coffee, puppies and adventures.

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