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Stop Waiting. Start Doing.

My last first day of school was on Monday.

There’s been a lot of build up to this season of life.

I endured 12 years of elementary school P.E. classes, awkward middle school dances and high school rumor weeds.

I survived Collins Residence Hall, all-nighters and my quarter life crisis.

As I look back on the two decades I’ve fully lived, I laugh at my embarrassing stories and softly smile at my fondest memories.

However, even during the sweetest of moments, I always remember looking forward.

I tend to wait for the future over enjoying the present.

When I was little, I couldn’t wait to grow up, be a teenager, and wear braces–I was such a weirdo.

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t wait to move out and be an independent college student.

Much of my life has been waiting for something bigger and better to come.

Or rather, believing I have to be bigger and better before I can do something great.

That’s wrong.

Why wait when you can do now?

For some reason, I used to believe that my life would build up to this one spectacular moment that validated my existence.

I would save the world, solve world hunger or give every orphan home.

I’d do something grand and amazing and miraculous that no one else could do.

Then I would gleefully click my heels and say, “Praise God! Now I know why I was made! This was the moment I’ve been waiting for!”

That’s wrong.

God did create us for big, spectacular miracles.

But He also made us for little, everyday moments.

God made me to give a smile to the lonely girl I pass in between classes.

God made me to read a book to an energetic toddler at Highland Baptist Church.

God made me to offer a friend a ride to Walmart because she doesn’t have a car of her own.

God didn’t make me to sit and wait to do something great.

He made me to love Him and to love like Him. He made me to serve Him and to serve His people.

He made me to do wonderful little things each and every day that sum up to a lifetime of greatness. He made me to pick up my cross and follow Him today, tomorrow and every single day.

Let’s stop waiting. Let’s start doing.

My very first day as a college student at the one and only Baylor University.
My very first day as a college student at the one and only Baylor University.

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