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Growing Up with the God of the Future

I’m never growing up.19081_10153462686273245_8718594795170160111_n

I want to be young and naive, immature and giggly forever. I want to make mistakes and receive sympathy because I’m “young and don’t know any better.”

I want people to look at me and say, “Wow, she is so young and full of life. She’s energetic and fun and doesn’t have a care in the world.”

I rebelled and pierced my nose.

I’ve wanted a nose piercing for years now, but it never seemed like the right time. With graduation looming around the corner, I told myself that I had to be professional.

But wait. I’m technically not professional yet.


Now I’m young and hip or something like that. And probably stupid, but I’ve always been stupid.

No piercing will stall the fastly approaching future.

In a few months from now, I’ll walk across a large stage in a cap and gown. I’ll shake President Ken Starr’s hand and he’ll congratulate me for my academic achievement.

Then I’ll {hopefully} move into a new home, in a new place with a new, big kid, real life job.

And it’s going to be scary. And I’ll be an unofficially official grown-up.

But I won’t be alone. I’m never alone.

Sometimes I forget how immense The Lord’s power is.

Even though I know He holds my past, present and future in His hands, I have anxiety and worry over growing up and getting old.

I read verses like Hebrews 13:8 that say “Jesus Christ is the same as yesterday, today and forever.”

But I forget that Jesus Christ is in yesterday, today and forever.

There is no point in time The Lord hasn’t created or where He hasn’t already been.

I don’t know where I will call home in six months.

I don’t know where I will call my office.

But The Lord does.

He made my life six months from now.

He’s been there. He is there.

He’s also here with me while I grow up.

To comfort me.

To guide me.

To remind me that I have no reason to fret.

Because He’s got this.

He’s got me.

And life will always be good with Him.

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