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Italian Men, Dating & Living Boldly


Italian men are bold.

One night, my friend Karyn and I were people watching in Piazza della Repubblica, a large town square in Florence. Two guys in their twenties walked up and started the usual I’m-an-Italian-male-trying-to-get-a-tourist conversation.

We talked about where we were from.

“Texas, wow. So cowboys? Guns?”

We said we were studying in Florence.

And then, one of the guys, searching for the right English words, wiggled his hips and asked, “So…disco? Do you want to go with us tonight?”

We turned them down.

Firstly, because we are grannies and really needed our sleep that night.

Secondly, because we had seen Taken before and did not care to end up shackled in a cellar or dead in a body bag.

The poor guys understood and walked away.

A few minutes later, we saw them drifting around the piazza, scanning the crowds in search of other girls who maybe wanted to disco.

Maybe Italian men have it right.

In the realm of dating in college, and just dating period, confidence is required.

Confidence to first say hi. Confidence to compliment. Confidence to ask someone out with the possibility of receiving a no. Confidence to bounce back and move on.

Even taken out of the dating context, we can all use a bit more boldness.

I miss opportunities simply because I’m afraid of rejection and failure. I don’t walk through open doors because fears freeze me in my tracks.

The disco boys saw an open door.

They seized the situation before them.

They were kindly rejected.

They resiliently walked on.

I pray for boldness like that.

I pray that I can take advantage of every opportunity The Lord gives.

I pray that I can be confident in the decisions I make even if they feel wrong.

I pray that mistakes, rejection and shut doors won’t hinder me from moving forward.

I pray that I won’t hesitate, but move, I won’t slowly crawl, but confidently strut, I won’t question, but seek answers through discovery, action and hands-on learning.

The Lord does not give His followers spirits of timidity.

The Lord gives them spirits of power, love and self-control.

-2 Timothy 1:7

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