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Mi Manchi: On Missing Home and Heaven

IMG_1608There isn’t a phrase for “I miss you” in Italian.

“Mi manchi” translates to “you are missing from me.”

The speaker is lacking the other person. The other person completes the speaker; without him, the speaker is not whole.

I love Italy.

I’ve lived here for a couple weeks and adjusted to the Italian culture.

I know better than to order a cappuccino after noon or to blare music in my apartment during siesta. I can wander around Florence without getting {too} lost and I’ve discovered my favorite local gelateria.

But I’m still an outsider.

I don’t understand why public bathrooms are few and far between.

I receive strange glances when I stroll around in running shorts and a t-shirt.

I love it here, but something is missing from me.

Florence is just my temporary home.

In two weeks, I will return to the land of sweet tea and familiar, English speaking faces.

I’ll embrace my family, feast on Tex-Mex and bask in air conditioning.

I will be home.

I will be home on earth.

But the earth is not my home.

Philippians 3:20 says that Believers’ citizenship is in Heaven.

1 Peter 2:11 refers to us as “foreigners” and “exiles.”

This longing I have for familiarity and reunion pales in comparison to the purest form of joy I will experience when I reach Heaven.

The earth’s beauty found in the mountains, stars and oceans leave me speechless. I’m wonderfully and inexplicably loved by friends and family.

But I see and experience things on earth that I don’t understand like deception, betrayal, murder, natural disasters and terrorism.

And I am reminded that I don’t belong here.

I remember that something is missing from me.


My true, eternal and perfect home.

Praise God for a temporary home where we can see glimpses of His beauty.

Praise God for an Eternal Home. We will embrace Him face-to-face, celebrate at the feasts He’s prepared for us and bask in His deserving glory.

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