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On Trusting God and Tiny Buses


I’m on a tiny, burnt orange bus.

It’s jam packed and there’s no air conditioning.

I keep bouncing up and down because the uphill road we’re on is rather bumpy and our driver is rather daring.

We pass other vehicles too close for comfort, just shy of sideswiping them.

I should be in a convertible taxi with plush seats and a nifty little canopy, not squished like a sardine fearing for my life.

Just before this, I was swimming at Marina Piccola {aka “Little Beach} off the coast of Capri.

My friends and I walked a long journey downhill to our little paradise. Though our server at lunch promised it was a “10-15 minute walk,” it took us 45.

Never fear, a taxi driver said there is “always a taxi available whenever you need it” to take us back uphill to catch our tram.

That was a lie.

There was no taxi.

But there was the tiny, burnt orange bus.

So we hopped on, survived the bumpy ride and made it to the top of the hill.

Sometimes God gives us a bus when we want a taxi.

We expect a comfortable, safe ride uphill.

God throws us a less comfortable, slightly sketchier adventure to our final destination.

I was very much looking forward to our taxi ride: wind blowing through my hair, the beautiful island of Capri unfolding beneath me as we drove higher and higher.

Instead I experienced a bit too much inadvertent physical touch with strangers and unpleasant perspiration. It just wasn’t the same.

But God provided the bus and there was no taxi to be seen.

Thank God for the bus.

The bus got us where we needed to go.

The bus reminded us to be flexible and to work with what we had available.

If God doesn’t give us a taxi, there will be a bus. There will be a way.

He does not leave us emptyhanded, but challenges us to receive whatever He gives with appreciation.

He calls us to creativity. He longs for us to trust in the tiny buses because the tiny buses come from Him.

Thank God for His tiny buses that push us out of our comfort zone, stretch our flexibility and remind us to trust in Him at all times.


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