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Chopped: Cutting Hair Takes Trust

I love my hair.

It’s long, thick, and black with reddish tints interwoven through the silky strands.

Before continuing this vain rambling, let me also say that my hair is a source of confidence for me. 

Despite the tomboyish exterior, I’m a girl through and through.

I chopped my hair off.

10 inches. Gone.

I walked into the appointment thinking, “5 inches, no more. No less.”

As I sat down and the hairdresser wrapped the tickly, white paper around my neck, I doubled my original request.

I tightly shut my eyes and whispered, “Please God, don’t make me look like a boy.”

After 20 minutes of silent prayer and skeptical uncertainty, I looked at my reflection.

Yep. It’s gone.

Now I don’t need tablespoons of Pantene to rinse and repeat. I don’t need to throw it into a ponytail whenever it’s falling onto my schoolwork.

It’s short and easy and light and I don’t look like a boy.

It’s free and fun and won’t collect a nasty pool of sweat in the hot Texas summer.

These are all good things. Who knew short hair could be such a blessing?

RobMaggianosTrusting a hairdresser is one thing. Trusting God is a whole new ballgame.

Many times, I cling to what brings me confidence: grades, leadership positions, involvement, friendships, pleasing others, material items.

I tell God I trust Him, but my hands are clenched to everything but Him.

When I finally muster the courage to open my fists, God amazes me.

He blesses me in ways I’d never imagined.

He says, “I told you so. You can trust in me.”

Dear daughter, don’t you know that I know all? Don’t you see that I see further than you? Don’t you feel that I want what is best for you?

Silly daughter, let go of these things you hold. I cannot give if you only take worldly possessions and satisfactions.

Beautiful daughter, let go of these things that are not me. Close your eyes. Open your hands. And receive from Me what you cannot take on earth.

I love you. Trust in me.

~Your Heavenly Father

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