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The Wild Part 2: God Provides

Photo credit: Stephanie, the coolest adventurer and best blister-repairer ever.
Photo credit: Stephanie, the coolest adventurer and best blister-repairer ever.

There isn’t much in the wild.

Correction: there isn’t much in the wild that you normally find in big cities, average suburbs, or quiet rural areas.

There are not toilets or TV’s. There are not refrigerators or microwaves. There are not outlets or automobiles.

But there is God, who provides what we need.

I wanted a porcelain throne at our campsite. Instead, I found secluded trees with thick leaves.

I pined for Chick-Fil-A. Instead, I heated ramen noodles swimming in river water over a portable stove.

I longed to check Facebook and Instagram. Instead, I connected with new friends on the trip via face-to-face interaction, The Lord through admiration, and myself in silence.

When we seek more, we burden ourselves.

One day, we found an isolated, one-room cabin complete with an iron bed, coffee can, and mason jars.

I almost stole a mason jar.

But before questioning the potential germs in the cabin–ew–and snatching the jar, I considered its weight. The jar was roughly half a pound.

I was already carrying 30+ pounds on my hips and back. The jar wasn’t worth it. I walked away empty-handed.

Empty hands are asking to be filled.

They cup fresh water to wash off dirt. They grab Clif bars to devour. They grasp other empty hands to encourage and lift up.

Empty hands spread wide and high to show surrender, praise and thankfulness.

Empty hands lack more for the possibility of gaining everything.

Empty hands fully trust in a Giver that promises to provide.

What if we empty our hands?

An empty calendar can lead to a world of opportunities and adventures.

An empty wallet can lead to just enough to pay for one’s daily bread.

What if instead of grabbing more, we take the bare minimum that God provided?

We move when the sun is up. We sleep when the stars come out. We drink when our cup is full. We eat when bread is on the table.

We don’t look for more, but say, “Thank you, Jesus” no matter what our plates look like.

What if we stopped proclaiming our trust with the words pouring out of our mouths?

What if we showed our faith with nothing in our hands?

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