Bearing my Cross · Life Written. · The Word

To the Heavy Hearted.

Dear Heavy Hearted,

You may feel lonely or lost, forgotten or betrayed, underserved or undeserving.

You may feel the weight of hundreds of daggers stabbing your chest, blow after blow. You may feel the numbness of a sheet of ice blanketing your skin, cold and stiff.

Whatever you are feeling, trust that one day, you will feel it no longer.

God works in the waiting.

After betrayal, I waited to feel forgiveness and compassion.

After abandonment, I waited to feel love and acceptance.

After conflict, I waited to feel peace and understanding.

After neglection, I waited to feel recognition and communication.

He works in you, too.

Your heart may be heavy, and you may bear weight of physical, spiritual or emotional pain, but remember God does not simply work in our lives. God also works in us.

He is living.

He is moving.

He is breathing.

If you are a daughter or son of The King, you are an heir to His throne. You inherit His eternal promises, His ultimate joy and His overwhelming peace.

Be still, heavy hearted. Know that He is God.

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