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Unlikely Blessings I’m Grateful For


The Lord has been amazingly faithful to me.

While this semester has not been the easiest, and certainly has been the busiest, I can’t help but stop and be grateful.

It is natural for me to thank God for good grades, a nice income, and healthy friendships. But my list of blessings looks a bit different this year. I am thankful for:

  1. An exhausting schedule — I see defining points of my day where The Lord was ever-present. In the mundane and extraordinary, He is there.
  2. A messy apartment — dishes on the counter & clothes piled on my floor remind me that I have dishes and clothes, a roof over my head, clean water, and enough food to keep me alive.
  3. A family far away — our time apart forces me to learn independence and how to sustain myself. I am required to depend on The Lord. It also makes me love them even more when I go home.
  4. Naturally waking up at 5 a.m. — my insomnia causes me to start the day right with sufficient quality time with The Lord. I also have to lean on God for divine endurance.
  5. Long-distance friendships —  they are evidence of perseverance needed to overcome geographical separation. The few times throughout the year we spend face-to-face become that much more precious.
  6. A minimum wage job — I have a stellar job on campus in the Marketing & Communications department. I do what I love, and I work with people I love.
  7. Dissolved relationships — While I tend to attempt at reviving friendships until the final heartbeat, friends come and go based on need, purpose and God’s will. The Lord blesses me with the right people, at the right time.
  8. Biology, accounting and engineering majors — Discussing school with friends outside of my major makes me appreciate how uniquely God designs us, and how differing our passions can be.
  9. Singleness — The Lord has captured my affection. He pulls me close when I hurt, sits with me when I cry, rejoices with me when I laugh, affirms me when I wander into insecurity. He draws my heart out every day infinitely more than any man ever will.

I am grateful for all of these items, now.

It was not always the case.

In college, my sleeping patterns transformed into 2-5 hour nights of restless tossing and turning.

It’s safe to say I have not always been thrilled by this adjustment.

Now I am, because this is how The Lord slows me down. He grabs my attention, stills my soul. Ironically, from little physical sleep, I receive an abundance of spiritual rest that fuels me throughout my jam-packed days.

The rest of the list required adjusting my persepctive and adapting to uncomfortable situations. They were not automatic gifts. I did not feel #blessed at first.

In retrospect, now I do. I am #blessed beyond belief. Small matters that annoy or disturb me now will be added to my unlikely blessings list in the future.

The Lord gives and takes away.

I love praising The Lord when He gives. I wish He gave all of the time.

But for me, I usually learn the most when He takes away.

When I am alone in my room on my knees, weeping from the depths of my soul, begging God to remove the thorn from my flesh, to eradicate the issues that leave me heartbroken and devastated.

That is when I meet The Lord face-to-face. That is when I draw close to Him.

Praise God for giving and taking away.

Praise The Lord for sanctifying us during the highs and lows. Praise The Lord for making Himself known in tiny aspects of our day, and large turning points of our years.

Praise The Lord for His consistency and unconditional love and promise to be our rock at all times.

Praise The Lord. I have tasted and seen His goodness, and I will continue to if I open my eyes, remember persepctive, and still my soul before Him.

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Blessings I’m Grateful For

    1. Thanks for sending me this link. I will be sure to look over your blog and give feedback. As an adoptee, I am quite biased and, in most cases, I am pro-life. However, I do not know all cases, I am still young and developing my stance on many ethical issues. I cannot say I have a firm “This is what I believe,” statement concerning abortion. I am still researching and reading case studies and learning about the biology and intricacies surrounding abortion. Thank you for valuing my opinion, I really appreciate it.

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