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{Second} Most Beautiful: On Embracing our God-Given Beauty


Confession: I really have a thing for lightning.

I don’t know why, but there’s just something about it I adore.

Perhaps it’s the way it lights up the sky. I’ve seen lightning spread across the whole horizon, exposing the world among the darkness of a storm.

Perhaps it’s the way it comes and goes so quickly. You have to be looking at just the right time, or else you’ll miss it. It’s exclusive, like a Mother Nature’s secret.

Psalm 8 praises God’s glory. Verse 1 says,

“How majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.”

The author David walks through God’s many creations and their beauty. From the moon and stars that God “set in place,” to the fish that “swim the paths of the seas,” God made them all.

God gave every single one of His creations unique beauty exclusive to its kind, but all of His creations encompass His beauty effortlessly.


You know what else God created, other than nature? Humans.

You know what we are? Beautiful.

You know why? Because God made us.

These are elementary level Sunday School answers. They speak Truth, nonetheless.

On days when my forehead is breaking out, hair is soaking, and nose is running, I don’t feel beautiful.

I avoid mirrors and any object offering my reflection. I also avoid interaction with all males. I’m also very likely to wear a hat.

But according to Psalm 8, The Lord “put everything under {man’s} feet.” In other words, humans are stewards of His creation. We are also only “a little lower than the heavenly beings.”

And if The Lord has glory set above the Heavens, if The Lord is the Most High, Most Beautiful Creator, if The Lord places man just below Himself, and right above awe-inspiring lightning, then shoot, dang.

We. Are. Beautiful.

We can’t keep acting, living, and believing we are not.

We hurt ourselves and we hurt God when we don’t embrace our beauty by saying vulgar words or giving crude gestures, by harming ourselves, starving ourselves, and targeting our perceived flaws.

The Lord is the most beautiful. We are the second most beautiful. And when we bask in our beauty directly given to us by our Heavenly Father, we are glorifying Him as our King and Creator.

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