For the Ladies

On Knowing Yourself: Why you are how you are

God made me awkward. And I embrace it.
God made me awkward. And I embrace it.

Confession: I am oddly obsessed with personality types, love languages, and spiritual gifts. Today, I’m talking about the first.

I took my third personality test the other day.

While I know these results are never 100% accurate, I think it is important for us to be aware of ourselves, and these tests can direct us in doing so.

Here are a few things I know about myself:

  1. I love people. I love being around the people I love, I get bursts of energy from just recognizing a friendly face in a crowd. Granted, sometimes I need to take some time away from them, too. I’d prefer a movie & baking night with a small group of friends over a rager…partially because it’s a rager, but mostly because crowds freak me out.
  2. I love planning. My agenda is beautifully color coded and my binders are tabbed. The other night, I made an Excel doc to schedule my week in 30 minute increments for fun.
  3. I love achieiving. I’m pretty competitive. I love winning. I love getting A’s. And the only thing I love more than making lists {see #3}, are crossing things off of said lists.
  4. I love investing: in relationships, in opportunities, in my education. Whatever “it” may be, I fully devote my time, energy and skills to it. I purposefully set goals and deadlines to meet them {see #4}. I like to see progress. I like to see outcomes.

Here are a few things I dislike about myself:

  1. I get too attached to friends and even acquaintances. I am needier than I like to admit. What I perceive as a longlasting companionship, others see as a come-and-go, or one-day agreement. Often times, I am Toy Story’s Jessie, abandoned, devastated and confused.
  2. I am bound by my agenda. My tight schedule makes it hard for me to discern who goes where, when can I fit that in? .
  3. I have tunnel vision. Start one project, finish, check. Start one project, finish, check. Fortunately, life is not all about winning. There is so much grace to “lose.” Unfortunately, I take control and avoid lessons to learn such grace as much as possible.
  4. I overcommit. I don’t do anything half-heartedly. While having multiple passions is great, often times I am conflicted when the hours in the day run out, and something has to give. Sometimes I miss out on people, or clubs, or even God. I have to carefully select what and to whom I should give my time, focus and care to. And it’s hard to pick when I want to do so much.

And here’s the bottom line:

  1. I know my strengths.
  2. I know my weaknessess.
  3. Whether they are areas I can rock {communication and time management} or areas I can improve {procrastination and all things in the kitchen}, I know God made me this way. And He knows I am this way. He built me as I am: compassionate, amibitious and determined.
  4. I know God made me this way for His glory.  From breathtaking, transcendent mountains to endless, engulfing oceans, God’s character is found all over His Creation. The mountains sing His beauty, the oceans scream His power, and vice versa.

And little ole me? I continually pour out God’s love for His people. I strategically make opportunities God presents. I resiliently pursue projects, missions that I believe are worth backing.

How do I know I’m like God? Because I am made in His image. Praise God for my quasi strengths and weaknesses, because they are a part of me, and they are a reflection of Him.

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. Psalm 139:1

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