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On Self-Worth: Out of the Box

This morning, my Tri Delta sisters & I had the privilege to serve incoming freshmen as they moved into their dorms. Our group partnered with Baylor Sustainability.

Our job was simple: to dispose of cardboard boxes once the newbies were done with them.

It was slow at first.

The move in crew flooded the halls with large boxes, decorations, lamps, etc., piled up in their arms. But we stood there idly waiting for empty boxes, anticipating the moment our role became active.

As strange as it sounds, we became hungry for boxes.

Like vultures, we were circling around the dorms, seeking a lonely box we could grab & take to the recycling dumpster. We popped our heads into the dorms, chirping, “Are you done with that box? We can take it for you.”

Perhaps our competitive nature caused us to flaunt the amount and size of boxes we scored. We congratulated each other when someone “hit the jackpot” {aka found multiple large boxes in a single heap}.

It was a funny, unique circumstance. And I realized it was much more than a competitive edge that made finding boxes strangely fun and exciting. Boxes gave us a sense of purpose and self-worth.

My job was to collect boxes. If I was waiting around boxless, I wasn’t doing my job. If I had a box, I was doing my job. If I had multiple boxes, I was not only doing my job, but I was doing it well.

The amount and size of the boxes determined my worth. One trip, I was “worth” a box no bigger than a regular, old shoebox. A separate trip, I was “worth” a box about  the size of a microwave, etc.

When I realized my absurd and embarrassing train of thought, it caused me to wonder what the “boxes” in my life are. What am I placing my self-worth in?

Am I worth how much cash is in my wallet? Or am I worth how many name brand clothes I wear? Am I worth the number on the scale? Am I worth the amount of Instagram followers I have?

I know I am worth far more than finances, branding, weight, and social media activity could ever determine.

I am worth the Father giving His Son for me. I am worth the ultimate sacrifice. I am worth the grandest gesture of love in history.

And if I am worth all of that, then I need to stop craving boxes. Because both craving  literal & metaphorical boxes seems ridiculous when compared to the craving I have for The Lord, His will, and His glory.

And The Lord longs for us to replace the boxes with the cross, because that is where our true worth lies.

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