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I think I’m fat.

Let me rephrase that: I think my legs are fat.

1) I know this is not true, but
2) I still think it.

And thinking it alone is enough to hurt me.


I know, I know. We ladies all hate THAT girl who whines and complains when looking in the mirror, “Oh my gawd. I look like a whale.”

When in fact, that girl is 5’3.75″ and 125 lbs. And she does not resemble a whale in any way.

But I am THAT girl, and if you are a female reading this, chances are, that you are THAT girl too {granted height & weight will vary}.

Because statistics show that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we look at our reflection and automatically target our flaws — the “fat” thighs, “bird’s beak” nose, “chunky” stomach, “ugly” freckles, “too thin” lips, “unattractive” love handles?

We look in the mirror, but we don’t see our true reflection.

Because in reality, my legs are not fat. And none of me is. And even if I was overweight, that would be okay.

Because in reality, I reflect God.

God knit me in my mother’s womb. He made me in His image. He breathed life into me.

I am made by God. When I bash His work, when I hone in on my “fat” thighs and obsess over trimming them, I am saying, “You made a mistake. The way you made me is not good enough. Thanks a lot.”

Now I am not a mother, but one day I very well could be. I can imagine that if I have a daughter,  I will think she is the most beautiful being on the planet.

But if I come across my little nugget crying in her room over her “broad” shoulders, “coarse” hair, or “droopy” eyes, then my heart will be broken.

Because my gorgeous child will be missing out on the captivating beauty she beholds. On the beauty I  created, the different aspects of me that were passed down to her.

And she doesn’t get it? She doesn’t see how stunning she is? When to me, it is hard not to notice her perfection.

I imagine that is something like what God feels each time I lie to myself, saying, “Your thighs are fat. You need to change.”

And breaking God’s heart in that way breaks my heart. And I am sorry.

Sorry that 1) I forget God’s hand in my creation 2) I don’t recognize my beauty 3) I don’t remember who I reflect.

Beauty is not an “if,” “then,” statement.

“If I {insert diet, workout, extraction of flaw here}, then I will be {insert “beautiful,” “sexy,” flattering adjective here}.

Beauty is a constant. We are born with it. We are even crafted with it in mind, because God chose to shape us in His image. And God is the most beautiful of all.

2 thoughts on “I think I’m fat.

  1. Loved this post, so empowering and inspiring to women (and men) everywhere while also glorifying the one who gives us our true beauty! 🙂

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