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Perfection is Overrated.

There are a lot of perfect people in my life that I envy. I am sure you know those kind of people, too.

Their Instagram pics embody a life of joy and no worries, featuring coffee, concerts & picnics, not afternoons at the library.

Their test grades are rarely below 90, their GPA a 4.0, no room for B’s or C’s.

Their friends have nothing mean to say about them. Their significant others are always supportive. No skirmishes or gossip, complaints or frustrations.

Their hair is always bouncy and shiny. Their teeth are always white. Their shirts are never wrinkly. Their mouth is always smiling. No hat days or I-don’t-care-I-don’t-match days. No negativity or lost hope.

I look at these people, narrowly squint my eyes, and snarkily say to myself, “Jeez. What is it like to have it all? Why so perfect?”

It has come to my realization that even perfect people are not perfect people.

They have off days. They have morning breath. They sleep past their alarms. They fight with friends. They snap under pressure. They fart or do other gross things.

They are just as human as I am. They are just better at hiding their flaws. Or perhaps I am at fault, as I tend to place people on pedestals where they do not belong.


By envying these so-called perfect people, I demote myself. And I demote God.

  1. I believe their life is better, happier, easier, more successful, than my own. I look at what they have {or what I tell myself they have} and compare it to what I have been given.

And my life pales in comparison. Or I pale in comparison.

I am dissatisfied with the cards I have been dealt. I am disappointed in areas where I lack. All because of the misconception they are perfect and I am not.

  1. From this absurd thought process, my subconscious believes God gave them more, God blessed them more, God dealt me a harder hand.

This focus on of others’ lives/accomplishments distracts my eyes from seeing the goodness of my own life and my own accomplishments. It causes me to forget how I have been blessed, how others may be convinced that I am perfect, and how by the grace of God, we are all equally imperfect, messed up and in need of a savior.

Friends, let’s stop dissing God’s work and stop hurting ourselves.

The grass is always greener when it isn’t in our own yard. Or when it is on social media and all you do is share how green your grass is, you don’t flaunt the famine and drought in your life.

But let’s focus on our own green grass. Let’s appreciate the famine and drought as they are: trials that refine our faith, experiences that make us stronger as we learn to persevere and depend on God alone.

Human perfection is overrated. And impossible. Thankfully, God is not human. And He is perfect.

Let’s be thankful for a perfect God who loves us perfectly. For while we have imperfect lives and are imperfect ourselves, these insufficiencies emphasize His sufficiency as our Awesome Creator, Beloved Father, and Great Redeemer.

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