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On Friendship: To Love & Be Loved


Lately, I have realized how #blessed I am with the best company a girl can have. I have the best conversations with my friends. We have the best adventures together.  We share the best laughter.

Since college, some of my high school friendships have evaporated from lack of effort and communication. On the other hand, some of my high school friendships are even stronger from intentionally keeping in touch, scheduling Skype dates, and sending letters.

I think the hardest thing about friendship is it doesn’t always last. Friends change based on the season of your life.

They come and go based on location, atmosphere {work, school, etc.}, effort, willingness.

In this season of life {aka college}, I have realized how important it is to surround myself with the best of friends. To be with the people who make me better. To be with the people who will develop my character and refine my faith, who are there when I am weak, but whi also make me stronger.

I won’t be with this set of friends for much longer. Some of mine are getting married, or getting jobs. They are moving away. They are moving on. But that’s okay. Because that’s how seasons work.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of requirements for you to be my friend {sorry, friends}. Granted, I may be closer to some of my friends than others. Or, I may go to different friends for different things, but here is  what it boils down to:

1. Do you love me? Or others?

While this sounds selfish & needy, it’s important. Do you care about me? Do you care for me? Would you help me if my tire blew out on the highway? Would you bring me Sprite & crackers if I was sick?

What about your parents? Your siblings? Your other friends, peers, professors? Do you love them, too? Are you kind and gentle? Are you selfless? Do they feel your love based on your actions and words?

2. Do we have fun together?

Can you make me laugh? Can I make you laugh? Can we make dorky faces across the room? Can I ride a razor scooter with you across campus without fearing judgment from those jealous of our sweet rides? Can we just be weird together?

3. Can we be real together?

I am all for a good time. But can we get deep, too?  Will you give me boy advice into the wee hours of the night? Will you be brutally honest if I am headed the wrong direction? Can we sit in silence without it feeling awkward? Will you pray over me?

4. Do you try?

Do you put forth the effort maintaining a friendship requires? Do you talk to me? Do you make plans with me & keep those plans?

Or, if you’re far away, do you set aside an hour in the afternoon to Skype me? Do you send me weekly pictures of your new puppy? Because if you try, I certainly will.

In the end, we all just want to be loved. It’s cheesy. But it’s true, it’s in our nature to want to be treasured.

I am blown away at how lucky I am to have such great people to love and to be loved by.

They take me as I am : they let me stalk them all the way across campus. They join in on my weirdness: they make Donald Duck noises with me & join me in binging on spoonfuls of Nutella at 1 a.m. They make me better: they take away my cell when I’m “studying,” they ask me tough questions about my faith.

They are completely and totally deserving of my love. And I am amazed that people as cool, caring, and fun as them would want to hang out with the awkward dork that I am.

Thank you, loved ones, for being my beloved. And for loving me in return. You are adored.

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