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My friends & I made it home from Chilis #goodmeal #goodfriends #goodlife #blessed
My friends & I made it home from Chilis #goodmeal #goodfriends #goodlife #blessed

**In case you didn’t know {Mom}, a hashtag is a category/topic/phrase used to define/describe/go along with whatever you post, see visual aid above.**

I am an avid social media user. I am particularly passionate about Instagram.

Instagram is cool because it makes me feel cool {yes. I did just say that}. It takes simple meals I’ve microwaved, the sunrise seen from my window, the cup{s} of I coffee consume, and makes them look 74829374239x cooler than before. Basically, it takes normal, little things, and makes them a bigger deal.

Lately, I’ve noticed how #blessed has been popping up all over my news feeds.

Some people think it’s a problem. Or just think it’s overused. I myself contribute to this excessive #blessed-ing.

“Ran into this beauty at the library, haven’t seen her in ages! #blessed”

“Worshipping under the stars with fellow Baylor students #blessed”

“Got to sleep in 15 extra minutes this morning #blessed”

I think maybe the reason social media users are weary of #blessed is because they don’t think pictures or statuses posted include authentic blessings. At least, that is sometimes how I feel.

But today, as I was walking to class in the rain with my Rangers ball cap on, inadvertently smiling to myself because 1) I love hats 2)  I love rain 3) it was a beautiful combination of the two, I had an epiphany.

Who  am I to judge how someone feels blessed? No, Instagrammer, you can’t feel blessed during an 8 mile run. You can only feel blessed by {insert medium here: the sunrise, baking warm cookies, cheering your team on, etc.}

Now doesn’t that just sound silly?

God made us differently. We love Him and feel His love in different ways. We hear His voice, are aware of His presence, and see His work in our lives in ways that are unique to us. It’s like God has a specific love language for each and every one of us.

I feel God’s love most when I am in nature. Sunsets, hikes, stars, lightning, oceans,  they all get me. But I also feel God’s love when something spontaneously makes my day: a class is cancelled, a friend brings me breakfast, I was able to squeeze in a power nap. I also feel God’s love through people: reuniting with a long lost friend, engaging in a Spirit-led conversation with my small group, etc.

All of these things make me feel #blessed. But you may not feel #blessed by nature, or by naps, or by talking. You may feel #blessed through serving others, or receiving gifts, or alone time.

God is a straight up genius. He wired us in distinct ways. He knows our wiring so well, He knows us so well. He knows how to speak to us, to love us, to inspire us, to still us, to grab our attention.

The God of the World knows me, He loves me, and He wants me to know I am loved. That makes me feel #blessed.

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. Psalm 139:1

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