Why ‘God is Just Not Fair’ Hits Home


Sometimes I don’t see or feel God. And my lack of faith terrifies me.

But I know I am not alone. All Believers have their fair share of trials and heartbreak. We all have doubts and fears when it comes to our faith. We ask questions like, “Why me?,” “Why now?,” “Why this?”

Jennifer Rothschild’s new book, God is Just Not Fair: Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense  encourages believers to have hope even when they don’t have the answers to their questions.

Rothschild is transparent and real. She shares her deepest struggles when it comes to her faith, she holds nothing back from her readers.

Her words are raw and honest. The book is easy to read, though the truth may be hard to take in. The messages require pausing and reflecting.

Rothschild’s words and stories are an encouragement to all. Here is a woman, whose life is dedicated to ministry, laying out all of her doubts for the world to see.

She struggles with  God’s fairness in ways that are similar to my own disbeliefs. And if a woman of God with such credibility fears when it comes to her faith, then it is okay to admit that we have our own, as well.

But these questions we have distract us from the real truth:

“Seeking to know answers is far less important than seeking to know God.”

‘God is Just Not Fair’ is wonderfully powerful, awesomely transparent, and incredibly relatable. I believe anyone can pick up a copy, open to a few random pages, and gain truth & hope he or she may have lost along the way.

Disclosure: I received ‘God is Just Not Fair’ for free but the views expressed on my blog are my own. 

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