College Life

We’re all in this together.

Behold: the legendary Delta Move. It's harder than it looks. But crazy fun!
Behold: the legendary Delta Move. It’s harder than it looks. But crazy fun!

Why yes, I did just quote High School Musical, because I am feeling a lot of what I am sure the Wildcats felt: pride in unity.

You see, these past couple months, my Tri Delta sistas and I have been busting our butts practicing for Sing, the all university student production different greek & non greek organizations participate in.

Each group performs a 7ish minute act complete with its own theme, lavish costumes, cheesy stage faces, outstanding vocals, and killer dance moves.

And while it is fun to watch and fun to be a part of, it is also some seriously hard work.

The audience, unless they have participated in Sing in previous years, doesn’t understand the literal blood {from getting poked by safety pins}, sweat {from hardcore dancing}, and tears {from straight up exhaustion} that goes into Sing.

This whole semester, two hours a day, multiple dress rehearsals and several light & audio checks a week, countless makeup runs & costume gluing get togethers, have led up to this moment. This weekend. And next.

And we want it. We want to make Pigskin, the fall version of Sing with the top acts, we want to place, we want to win. We want it all.

And we want it together.

Because the past months we have been in this together: we have groaned together, we have sung together, we have laughed together, we have pulled muscles together, we have worked on our sing faces together, we have perfected our Delta moves {form your arms into a perfect box, tilt your head at an angle, tap your foot to the beat} together.

And so I know we have already won.

Because last night when we took the stage for the first time, we rocked it. I am not being prideful in our act. We were good. But I am not saying we will win first, second, or third. I am not saying we won’t, either.

But we have already won because all of the effort we have put into this, because those smiles onstage are authentic, those goofy grins show how proud we are that we have made it this far, despite the exhaustion and despite the classwork, despite the other obligations on top of preparing for Sing.

We made it, Deltas. And there is no stopping us. I am so proud of us as a chapter, us as friends, us as sisters in Christ. There are no other girls I would rather take the stage with tonight, tomorrow, or next weekend. I am so blessed to be able to glorify God with our abilities to sing, dance, make crazy faces, through such a fun, competitive production like Sing with you ladies by my side. Thanks for holding me together, especially when I wanted to quit. Thanks for holding it together, especially when we wanted to give in.

Now let’s go get ’em. We’re all in this together.

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