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Phoneless & Helpless

Phoneless & Helpless.
Awkwardly waiting for Hunter. On the ground. Without my phone. Cool.

Once upon a time, I accidentally left my phone at my good friend Kaley’s house in the wee hours of the morning. I went home, woke up the next day, only to realize what I had done. Crap.

Kaley influences young minds all day {elementary ed major lyfe}, so she doesn’t get home until late afternoon. This left poor social media-addicted, avid texter, and pro-communicator me without means to do many of these things. And I was sad. And hopeless. And realized I was helplessly dependent on my phone. The end.

Epilogue {you know you wanted one}

This is how I feel without my phone:

  • Naked — I keep patting my left backpack pocket to see if it’s there. Alas, it is not.
  • Unpopular — not that I am bombarded with a thousand texts a day, but I certainly love looking at my missed messages after class…even if they’re just from my mom.
  • Awkward — walking to class, I literally did not know what to do with my hands because  my phone usually rests happily in between them. I clapped and swayed my arms instead. Yeah. It was weird.
  • Inconvenienced — I scheduled to have lunch with my soul sister Hunter, but I had to wait outside the dining hall until it opened. So I sat on the ground. Got weird looks. And just stared into the distance because I couldn’t even pretend I was texting.


  • First world probs — seriously, this discomfort without my phone is such a petty issue. So, as usual, God speaks through the mundane and says, “Maelyn, you are being stupid. Phones are not that important. You still have a mouth and fingers. So yeah, you can communicate with anyone you want to.”
  • Love language talk — my love languages are quality time and words of affirmation. These just go to show that I like old school bonding via talking, enjoying each other’s company, handwritten sentiments, etc. And while love languages are often overlooked or joked about, it really is important to understand how people feel most loved/how they show their love. That being said, I realize that maybe I should resort to old ways of pen and paper & more face to face conversation than through a tiny electronic screen.

In other news:

  • The weather is beautiful, so beautiful Hunter & I had a picnic. We had stir-fry. I got chopsticks. I put them in my mouth like I was a walrus. Yes. We were in public. Yes. A boy saw me. Yes. He laughed. Yes. I was embarrassed. Yes. I am hopelessly awkward. Yes. I am still single. Yes. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Yes. It will still be great nonetheless.


  • Thanks for reading my blog. Did y’all know I also write weekly posts for a publication called College Social? Check out my stuff! I love feedback. I love views. And I love you. Peace & blessings.

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