College Life

To-Do & To-Don’t


Tonight, I came across a verse that resonated with me in the sweetest, most soothing way.

Psalm 105:4 says, “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always” (NIV). The NLT ends it a little differently with “continually seek Him.”

Lately, I’ve been worn out. I thought last semester was hard, HA! Spring semester has shown Fall who’s boss by being both busier {I really didn’t think that was possible} and more academically challenging.

I am sure  every college student can sympathize with me. And if you can’t, it’s probably because you are a freshman {I know, I was one last year} and you have it easy…but just you wait. The days of no more naps, the days of little sitting, the days of constant movement, the days of filled agendas are comin’ for ya. And they’re comin’ for ya fast.

Because of how crazy life has been, I have been feeling weak. Weak in a physical sense: I need more rest, whether that’s a deep sleep or literally just sitting. Weak in a spiritual sense: I need more God, as in deeper meditation in His word, not just glancing at Scripture, saying a quick prayer, and moving on.

I have been feeling Satan’s lies creeping in on me, which is a very scary thing. I have been dwelling in fear and insecurity, I have been filled with doubt and plagued with low self-esteem.

And that is why Psalm 105:4 appealed to me so much.

“Look to the Lord and His strength,” God is stronger than I. It isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it is one I tend to forget. If God is stronger and I weaker, doesn’t it just make sense to lean on Him?

“Seek His face always,” or “continually seek Him.” Why yes, apparently it does make sense! Instead of focusing on my color coded to-do list, letting the tasks & meetings & obligations overwhelm me, I can look to He who is stronger, He who can slow me down, He who reminds me what is actually important. If I always seek His face — in good times and bad, whether the weather is sunny with a high of 75 or a brutal windy 20 degrees {c’mon, Texas} — then I find my strength. Inversely, I am weak when I have forgotten God.

It is time to throw out the to-do list. Not literally, unless you really think that is what you need to do…and, unlike me, you can still function. But instead, replace it with a better, more spiritually satisfying one:

| To-Don’t |

  • Immediately go through your worldly to-do list once you wake up.
  • Freak out over said to-do list.
  • Forget your first love {Revelation 2:4}.
  • Forget who you are, and more importantly, whose you are.
  • Place “read Bible,” or “spend time with God,” on the list. He deserves much more than to be something checked off. He deserves to be a part of your life every single second of every single day.

| To-Do |

  • Be still in the Lord’s presence.
  • Read His word. Read it again. And again.
  • Now pray over His word. Pray His word.
  • Then memorize His word. And recite it. All the time: when you’re talking to a Christian, when you’re talking to a Non-Christian, when the fears seep in, when joys fill your heart, etc.
  • “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.”

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