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{500} Days of the Pursuit


Many of you ladies {and fellas} are familiar with the “quirky romantic comedy” {500} Days of Summer.

Summer, played by my woman crush Zooey Deschanel, is a carefree 20-something afraid of commitment. Tom, played by my man crush Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a young greeting card writer desperately trying to find THE ONE.

The start of the movie makes it clear that “This is not a love story.”

Yet for the next 95 minutes, it follows the “friendlationship” that Summer and Tom share. They go on quirky – yet cute – dates like role playing in Ikea and a picnic in the park yelling inappropriate words. They laugh together, cry together, open up to one another,  become physical with each other, etc. But avoid doing the good ole DTR {Define the Relationship}.

*Spoiler alert*  — but not really because we all saw this coming, it’s “not a love story,” after all…

This results in Summer breaking Tom’s heart, moving away, and getting engaged to another man some time later {yikes}. Ironically, Summer, the commitment phobic, ends up with someone in the end instead of poor Tom, the hopeless romantic.

Naturally, Tom is torn, bitter, depressed, angry, lonely, and afraid he will never find THE ONE because he convinced himself Summer was the only girl for him.

This movie is undeniably conflicting. 95% of the time you root for their adorable semi-coupleness, the remaining you hate Summer’s guts. Yet, you realize she really didn’t do any more wrong than Tom did by placing her on a pedestal.

Tom spends his entire life searching for a woman to be his other half. He is attracted to Summer, they have similar interests, so he firmly believes she fits the mold of this amazing wifey he’s been dreaming of.

While Tom loves Summer – without receiving it in return – he does more than that, he idolizes her. She invades his thoughts and future plans, she takes up all of his time, she captures his emotions.

You see, Tom is left empty, confused, and wrecked because the entire film he is pursuing the wrong thing.

He should not be pursuing a woman, or the idea of the perfect wife, but pursuing The Lord.

In many ways, I identify with Tom. I idolize relationships, academic success, material items, extracurriculars, even friendships, above God.

But every time I crave a guy’s attention, pressure myself into making a 4.0, covet the newest gadget or cutest clothes,  misplace my identity in clubs, or seek only my friends’ love, I am left no better than Tom.

I am torn, bitter, depressed, angry, lonely, and afraid I will never be happy. I am empty, confused, and wrecked.

It’s great to pursue things, it’s great to have ambition, it’s great to want to excel. But when we put our glory above God’s, when we pursue worldly things rather than righteousness, we are very human, sinful, distracted Toms.

The Lord fulfills. The Lord brings wholeness. The Lord creates joy. The Lord is peace. The Lord instills hope. He invades my thoughts and is sovereign over my future, He takes up my time that is never wasted, He captures my emotions.

As this new semester begins, I don’t want to start off wrong. I don’t want to pursue anything but holiness, righteousness, and spiritual growth. I don’t want to lose sight of The Lord, of who I am in Him, who He makes me, and how He makes me feel.

This year will be {365} days of the Right Pursuit: the pursuit of The Lord and His goodness, the pursuit of His will over my wants, the pursuit of daily bearing my cross, the pursuit of continual praising of His name despite circumstances, and the pursuit of constantly loving His children.

What will you pursue today? This week? This month? This year? I encourage you to fix your eyes on The Lord. You can’t go wrong.

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

2 thoughts on “{500} Days of the Pursuit

  1. This starts off totally sounding like me, loving Zooey and loving Joe. Then it continues, reminding me how I should be sounding like, turning to Jesus instead of the stuff that the world sells us.

    Seriously, I’m really glad that you’re sharing your thoughts with the interwebs, and in such a faithful and true way.

    Hope it’s not weird that I’m randomly following along…! 🙂

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