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Chosen {pt 2}.

This week, approximately just over 800 girls {aka “potential new members”} flooded Stacy Riddle Forum for Baylor’s Panhellenic Recruitment.

As a sophomore in Tri Delta, it is my first experience being on the other side. Instead of trying to be the best ambassador for myself, I am an ambassador for my chapter. Instead of figuring out what I want, my job is to understand the PNMs and what they are looking for and how we as a chapter can benefit from their membership.

While I ended up with the group of girls I desired from the get go, I know not everyone has a “sorority success story” like mine.

I’m well aware of how painful, exhausting, and down right draining this process is.

Girls set their eyes on a sorority, and when they’re not invited back, they tend to question what they did wrong. What if they did this or that, what if they tried harder? Or were they themselves the problem? Was it their character, values, standards, qualities, etc. that just didn’t cut it?

420596_652114451480618_1054879573_nAs a member of Tri Delta, I would like to speak to formally speak to you women — whether you are here this week, going through this process in the future, or have absolutely no interest.

We {sorority members} are not cruel girls. We are not out to get you. We may appear poised and polished during parties, but once we go home, we throw on sweats and go to town on potato chips just like everyone else. We are just like you. And we like you. And we do our very best to see the good in you, to get to know your character, to love you for who you are.

When you are not invited back the next day, it is not because you are unlikeable. Please do not dissect every little thing you said or did during a party, trying to find the flaw that caused you not to get invited back. It’s not you. Don’t you dare think it’s you.

In fact, it’s God. Not in a sense that He’s out to get you. That is simply not true by any means. In fact, it’s God, the God of this world whose plan is far better than the one we can create for ourselves. It is God’s evident work in your life, in placing you when, where, and with the people, that you need to be. Please trust in His sovereignty if you are disappointed/if you were disappointed by this process. The Lord is in control. The Lord is good. The Lord is faithful.

As a Christ follower, I would like to speak to all of my readers, male and female — whether you plan to be involved in Greek life, are involved, were, or do not care about it at all.

You are chosen. You are loved. You are treasured. The One true God says in John 15:16, “You did not choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.”

A good friend reminded me that our God is not exclusive.

We are all called to a greater purpose.

While joining a sorority can be a great experience, that is not our ultimate greater purpose.

Our greater purpose involves a relationship with our King. It involves glorifying His name at all times. It involves seeking His kingdom first, above chasing our own dreams.

The Lord has asked that you join His team, His side, His group of followers. It is solely in Him, not through friendships, relationships, academic success, material items, or anything else that we are made whole.

You are chosen to love God, to love His children. You are chosen to be the ambassador of Christ.

That is your true calling. That is the true “bid” given by God. It doesn’t come in an envelope with cursive writing, but in a heartfelt decision tofollow Him and Him only. Remember when all hope seems lost, when what you receive in life isn’t what you expected or hoped for, that you are chosen.

Give thanks to The Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136

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