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I belong {with these girls}.

This time last year, I was a wreck.

I just finished my first semester of college {like a boss}. But I was in the middle of the recruitment process at Baylor {less boss-like, more anxious}.

Recruitment was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. First off, there were a lot of girls. Everywhere. Talking to me. Constantly. Secondly, these girls were trying to impress me. They wanted to win me over, show why their chapter was the very best. Thirdly, I was trying to impress them. Did I pick a cute enough outfit? Did my breath smell bad? Was I boring them? Was I overwhelming them? Would I be invited back the next day? If not, was it too late to change their minds?

After the parties each day, I returned to my dorm with my weeklong roomie Faith. And we’d sit there. In silence. Decompressing.

One day, I was so exhausted, I dropped my iPhone in a mug of hot tea. It was bad.

But on Bid Day, I did not end up in a chapter full of girls analyzing my attire, how I smelled, or how I talked. I ended up in a sorority with girls I felt like I had known for my whole life, girls I would have been friends with even if I had not joined Tri Delta.


As cheesy as it sounds, Tri Delta was where I belonged.

I could laugh with these girls, I’m talking authentic, big, belly laughs. From joking about squirrels to busting out awkward dance moves, these girls knew how to make me crack up from the start.

I could respect these girls, because they had such good morals, strong determination, and genuine authenticity. They strived to excel academically, to care for others purposefully.

I could love these girls, because they loved me. Or rather, they loved God, and it was through them that I felt His love. And that alone exceeded all of the needs I was looking for in a group of friends. They didn’t casually hear me talk, but listened to my words. They didn’t look at my clothes, but saw my character within. They didn’t judge my weaknesses, but overlooked them and remembered my strengths.

Never in my life have I had such a strong group of friends that steadfastly love me. They lend me their washer and dryer when I’m dumb and can’t get mine to work. They bake cookies and pop in 90s movies when it’s been a long week. They take me to play with puppies when I need to feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Friends, please do not mistake this post as some sappy advertisement for Tri Delta right before formal recruitment starts. While I love my dear sisters, that was not my intention at all.

Rather, I wanted to emphasize the importance of belonging. We all want to belong somewhere, it’s innate. And if you think you don’t belong, you’re wrong. Not only do we want to belong somewhere, but we deserve to belong somewhere, with people who make us laugh, who take us at our worst, and who make us our very best. It doesn’t matter if you find these people at church, during recruitment, through a campus organization, at the gym, or wherever. These people are your people. And you belong.

3 thoughts on “I belong {with these girls}.

  1. Hi. Just randomly came across your blog and just wanted to say that it’s such a lovely encouragement to read. It’s really awesome to see how you’re sharing your faith through your blog. 🙂

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