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When faith meets football


Tonight, my competitive side brought out the very worst in me.

Let me paint you a picture:

I’m visiting my friends who go to Texas State {in San Marcos}. I’m in Ashlee’s living room, watching the big game against OSU.

Please keep in mind Baylor has been undefeated all season. We — unlike in years past — have an incredible team. But that incredible team is losing.

Anyway, back to Ashlee’s living room:

I’m standing less than a foot away from the TV. My eyes are huge. When my fists aren’t clenched, my hands are firmly on my hips or my fingers are literally pulling at my hair. When I’m not screaming from the top of my lungs, I’m muttering under my breath. I’m stomping my foot. And I want to kick something, anything, {a chair, a wall, a door, anything}, really, really bad.

But at the start of the fourth quarter, I realize I want to kick myself.

I see a side of myself I don’t like.

It’s a side full of ignorant pride, believing I deserve this win, we deserve this win. Instead of enjoying what should be a fun game, I’m worshipping NCAA success. I’m placing Baylor football celebrities like Bryce Petty, Art Briles, Lache Seastrunk on a pedestal. I’m essentially putting my faith in our team and in our coaches, idolizing my school’s football legacy.

I want to kick myself because I have forgotten what is most important: God.

The Lord is sovereign. At all times. Win or lose. The Lord is The One who equipped Baylor’s football team {and our athletes} to excel, to have an unbelievable season that shows we’re more than the stereotype of snobby rich Christian kids. But The Lord is also The One who made the team {and all of us} human, beings who cave under pressure, who do not always meet expectations.

Tonight’s game reminded me:

1) The Lord is most important. Rather, The Lord is important, everything else doesn’t really matter. Ten years from now, I won’t still be talking about the night we lost against OSU. And if I am, I’m a loser {literally} that needs to get a grip.

2) I am human. Our team is made of humans. And as humans, we all fail, we lose games, we let people down. Thankfully, The Lord chooses to love us anyway, and fulfills our desperate need for Him.

3) The Lord is big. He is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. He was, and is, and will always be. He created the earth. He created you. He created me. He is big, much, much bigger than college football will ever be.

So even though I’m certainly not happy we lost, and even though we Bears are heavy hearted, I can sleep well tonight knowing that the world is not over, our team is still incredible, and The Lord is good, just like always.

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