What I Want


I was an avid wisher when I was younger.

11:11. Dandelions. Shooting stars. Eyelashes. Birthday candles. Etc. I wished a whole lot for a whole lot of things.

But the older I got and the stronger my faith grew, the less I wished and the more I prayed.

You see, there’s no reason for wishing. It’s absolutely meaningless. Every time I wished, I didn’t know who I was wishing to. The wishes usually revolved around me and my benefit.

However, there’s every reason to pray. It’s absolutely meaningful. They say that communication is the key to every relationship, and the same concept applies to my relationship with God.

When I pray, I’m talking to Him. He is present and He listens. I pray for myself, but I also pray for others like my friends and family. I pray for His kingdom. I pray for His will in my life. I pray a whole lot for a whole lot of things.

Psalm 37:4 is a cool verse, it says “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

I used to read that and think to myself, “That’s awesome. If I love Jesus, I’m going to get stuff and be successful and marry a wealthy hunk and have this super great life.”

But the more I looked at the verse, the more I understood its authentic meaning. When I find my hope and joy in the Lord, when I walk with Him, when I seek His kingdom first, my desires begin to look more like His.

I don’t wish for ponies, a boyfriend, or free tuition anymore. Instead, I pray for my friends who do not know the Lord, the homeless people of Waco, and my orphan friends in China {and more}.
Granted, I still have worldly desires. But as much as I want the things of this earth, I want His will to be active in my life more.
The less I wish, the more I pray. The more I pray, the more I trust in Him. I see that my “wants” are not nearly as important as His will. The Lord is doing great things in my life for His glory. And that is all I truly want.

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