College Life

Thank you, dear friends.

It took me six hours to do one load of laundry today. Never in my life have I appreciated Denise {my mother} so much until this afternoon.

I threw my clothes in the wash, then started it up as per usual. Once it was “done,” I checked and there were detergent stains all over my T-shirts, shorts, and what not. So I washed them again. And again.

And the stains were. still. there.

I rushed over to my friends’ down the street. I flew into their apartment with my basket of damped, stain clothes, dumped them in their machine, all while rambling, shouting, half laughing at this joke of a simple task, half hysterical from studying all day, all flustered in shambles.

God bless sincere Amanda, caring MK, and sweet Holly. They literally opened their door to me at a time when I needed it. They listened to my troubles and offered me cookie cake — if that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is.

Once the cycle was done and my clothes were officially stain free, I had to run to an intramural volleyball game. I stopped by my house, threw my clothes into the dryer, started it, and went to the game {we lost}.

I came back to find that the dryer didn’t do a thing. So I tried it again. And again.

Just like I did at Amanda’s {and crew}, I barged into my friendly neighbors’ humble abode. I chunked my load of clothes in their dryer and unleashed my heaping of frustrations to Lauren.

God bless Lauren, Whitney, and Danielle’s openness. They literally loved their neighbor.

Today was a long day, to say the least, but it was a good reminder. When everything is crazy, when nothing seems to be working, or when everything seems to be going wrong, I am not alone. I have been blessed with incredible friends, neighbors, and peers who radiate Christ’s love and acceptance.

I can see my friends’ love for God in the way they treat others, including myself. By simply offering their washing machine, their dryer, their home, their prayers, their ears, their arms, they are pouring out the love they received from Christ onto others like me.

It’s been a rough day. And there will be rough days in the future. But with Jesus-loving, people-loving friends like mine, life is much easier, much better, and much more joyful.

Thank you, dear friends. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.

This post was written much too late at night on Sept. 9 {for a previous blog of mine}.

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