Psalm 90:1-2

God, it seems you’ve been our home forever; long before the mountains were born, long before you brought earth itself into birth, from “once upon a time” to “kingdom come” – you are God.

The Lord is our home. He always will be.

If you’ve ever moved before, or even been to camp/gone on vacation, you understand the pain of missing home.

Familiarity with our surroundings can be the biggest comfort, and home tends to be the place we are most familiar with.

But you don’t ever have to miss home, because The Lord is with you at all times. If you are familiar with His presence, you will feel the comfort of home with you always.

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Maelyn Schramm

Adopted from China, I hail from Dallas and spent a few years studying in Waco at Baylor University. As a recent college graduate, I'm learning how to be an adult by taking risks, living boldly and faithfully following The Lord. I love coffee, puppies and adventures.

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